Vehicle Routing

This page describes a new model for the Rich Vehicle Routing Problem (RVRP) and provides a large collection of benchmark problem instances.

The model captures many real-world constraints, following a recently proposed taxonomy that addresses both scenario and problem physical characteristics.

We generate 4800 new instances of RVRPs and make these freely available via this web site to facilitate academic research.

To the best of our knowledge this represents the most comprehensive resource of rich VRP problems available, and provides a platform for researchers to conduct rigorous comparisons of new methods and solvers, moving academic research much closer to real practice in the future.

The following resources are available by browsing the directory to be found at

We include a technical report describing the model and generation method to be found here

An XML Data definition specifications for the Model are provided.

The problem instances are arranged in a directory structure that corresponds to the parameters that the problems were generated from.

10 problem instances are zipped in each low level folder. The directory can be found here

The Problem model and an XML parser, written in Java can be found here

The complete directory (~85Mb) can be downloaded as a single zip archive here